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Following an appointment with a La Poste adviser, here is some information concerning postal shipments and the problems currently encountered in the processing of mail:

- as you have probably noticed, there are currently delays in processing mail. Orders can take 2 days to arrive or 15, it's very very random.

- you receive mail and not ours? Don't panic, some sorting centers are "blocked" (right to withdraw agents, strike, etc.) and are therefore slowed down. Therefore, depending on the places of dispatch and destination, there may be differences in the processing of mail, but this always ends up happening even at the height of the health crisis all orders have been delivered.

- standard shipments are all by letter followed. This number can be communicated to you on request, but since June 8, the letters followed are only flashed on distribution and no longer also on dispatch. As a result, the tracking number is noted as unknown by the Post Office as long as the letter is not distributed, which is hardly practical.

- in case of registered shipping, a tracking link is automatically sent to you and normally the tracking is done from shipping to distribution.

- to counter the delays of La Poste , orders are dispatched earlier than indicated by the deadlines on the site. For this the stickers are made 7/7 because I do everything possible to speed up the ordering process. For the post office unfortunately as long as they have the monopoly I will be dependent on it.

In any case, I thank you for your patience and invite you not to worry, you will be delivered. Do not hesitate to come back to me for any question and keep me informed.



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